“Transports you to the time of the Vikings…”

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Jump into the first book in an epic Viking saga of sisterhood, romance, and revenge with Song of the Shieldmaiden.


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Whispers of a Sorceress Now Available

As of Friday, Whispers of a Sorceress, the second book in the the Daughters of Valhalla series, is officially out! You can purchase the ebook at your favorite digital retailer today. New to the Series? If you’re new to the Daughters of Valhalla series, why…

New Motherhood as a Writer

On Valentine’s Day this year, my son was born. He’s my first child, so motherhood has been a new experience for me. Taking care of a newborn requires a lot of energy — and that means personal projects take a sideline for awhile. That includes…

The Origins of the “Daughters of Valhalla” Series

Today, I thought it would be fun to share how the Daughters of Valhalla series began. It feels like such a whirlwind to me — from thinking up the idea to writing to publishing the first book, Song of the Shieldmaiden! Are you ready for…

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