“Transports you to the time of the Vikings…”

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Jump into the first book in an epic Viking saga of sisterhood, romance, and revenge with Song of the Shieldmaiden.


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Viking Völvas: Who Were These Magical Women?

As a write Whispers of a Sorceress, the second book in my Daughters of Valhalla series, I’ve been learning a lot about Viking* völvas. In the books, the character Haldis has been trained as a völva, or Viking seer. Born blind in one eye, which…

The Kickstarter is Live!

It’s official – my very first Kickstarter is live! This is the place to pre-order Whispers of a Sorceress and the first physical editions of both books in the Daughters of Valhalla series so far. Plus, there’s some Viking swag included in the tiers! A…

Physical Editions Coming to Kickstarter!

Today I have exciting news for you all — I will be releasing the very first physical editions of my books through Kickstarter! If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a platform where you can essentially pre-order things from creators. Campaigns are broken into tiers,…

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