Daughters of Valhalla

An epic Viking saga of sisterhood, romance, and revenge

Book One

Song of the Shieldmaiden

Song of the Shieldmaiden cover with glowing golden axe in the foreground, green foggy forest in the background, and a raven flying through the sky

Medieval Scandinavia – When a cruel usurper steals their father’s throne, three Viking sisters set upon a quest to save their village.

Svanhild, the eldest, dreams of being a shieldmaiden. But there is only one way to save her family from the enemy’s axe: promise herself to his son. By day, she is forced to spend time with her future husband — a man she is determined to hate. By night, she secretly trains for revenge with her father’s legendary sword.

Yet as Svanhild learns more about the man she agreed to marry, the trickster god Loki plays games with her heart. While her sisters Haldis and Brynja find their own ways to fight for their family, Svanhild is torn between love and revenge.

Book Two

Whispers of a Sorceress

Coming February 2023

Medieval Scandinavia – Trained to be a Viking seer, Haldis has always doubted her connection to the gods – until now. Visions haunt her nights, and she has premonitions of a great battle to come.

With the cruel Jarl Ulrik in the high-seat of Kaldvik, Haldis worries about the fate of her family. The only way to help them might be to untangle the meaning of her dreams. But when she tries to follow her visions, things don’t always go the way she intends.

What are the gods trying to tell her? And is there an even greater power within her she has yet to discover?