Daughters of Valhalla

Three Viking sisters. Three different fates. One epic quest for revenge.

Book One

Song of the Shieldmaiden

Song of the Shieldmaiden cover with glowing golden axe in the foreground, green foggy forest in the background, and a raven flying through the sky

Book Two

Whispers of a Sorceress

Abandoned as an infant. Cursed with strange markings. Plagued by visions she doesn’t understand.

Everyone in the Viking village of Kaldvik believes Haldis is a seeress with a unique connection to the Norse gods. But despite her training as a völva, she feels like little more than a disfigured outsider.

With her family suffering under the new jarl’s rule, Haldis is desperate to help them. But her visions leave her confused, rune readings go wrong, and her prayers to the gods seem to go unanswered.

Meanwhile, her eldest sister Svanhild prepares for revenge in the great city of Uppsala. And home in Kaldvik, her youngest sister Brynja is forced into a marriage that could either save or destroy their family.

When a mysterious new völva arrives, Haldis must decide whether to confront her past or hide from it. Can she make sense of her strange visions? And is there an even greater power she has yet to discover?