Whispers of a Sorceress (ebook)

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Abandoned as an infant. Cursed with strange markings. Plagued by visions she doesn’t understand.
Dive into Haldis’s story in Whispers of a Sorceress, Book 2 in the Daughters of Valhalla series.
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Book Description

Abandoned as an infant. Cursed with strange markings. Plagued by visions she doesn’t understand.

Everyone in the Viking village of Kaldvik believes Haldis is a seeress with a unique connection to the Norse gods. But despite her training as a völva, she feels like little more than a disfigured outsider.

With her family suffering under the new jarl’s rule, Haldis is desperate to help them. But her visions leave her confused, rune readings go wrong, and her prayers to the gods seem to go unanswered.

Meanwhile, her eldest sister Svanhild prepares for revenge in the great city of Uppsala. And home in Kaldvik, her youngest sister Brynja is forced into a marriage that could either save or destroy their family.

When a mysterious new völva arrives, Haldis must decide whether to confront her past or hide from it. Can she make sense of her strange visions? And is there an even greater power she has yet to discover?

1 review for Whispers of a Sorceress (ebook)

  1. Roberto Cataneo

    I really loved this book. The journey each of the three sisters takes is unique and exciting throughout the story. This book is mainly focused on Haldis, the second sister, who has a really interesting backstory and I got to learn more about her past and how it has made her who she is, and how she overcomes it to become a really cool and interesting character. I liked the mystical aspects of this book. Svanhild’s story from the first book continues and it doesn’t disappoint, it is full of action. I really enjoy reading about her. All the action scenes in the last part of the book and the conclusion felt satisfying and very epic. I highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read the next one!

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