Release Day for Song of the Shieldmaiden!

Release day is finally here! I am thrilled to announce my first book, Song of the Shieldmaiden, is now published. 🎉

You can pick up a digital copy at your favorite retailer and start reading today. And if you already pre-ordered the book, it should be on your device or available for download now.

For those of you who prefer reading physical books or listening to audiobooks – they are coming! I have plans to publish both at some point, but it will probably be a few months. I’ll let you know as soon as they are available.

Publishing a book is a lifelong dream of mine. I am so excited to share this story with you all of you. I hope you enjoy it! 💜

About Song of the Shieldmaiden

Song of the Shieldmaiden book cover with blonde woman and ravens

Svanhild, the eldest daughter of a Viking jarl, dreams of being a shieldmaiden. When a cruel usurper steals her family’s throne, she must act quickly to spare her family from the enemy’s axe. Guided by the gods, she agrees to a betrothal with the enemy’s son – one she will never go through with. What her heart truly desires is revenge.

But the Norse gods have woven a dangerous fate for Svanhild and her two sisters… and the trickster god Loki plays his games. As the new jarl unleashes fresh cruelties on her family, Svanhild is torn between love and revenge.

Buy it today:

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